I have three drum sets:

2017 Gretsch USA Custom in Satin Burnt Orange:

8x12 rack tom
14x14 floor tom
14x18 bass drum

1985 Gretsch Square Badge in Black Lacquer:

8x12 rack tom
14x14 floor tom
14x20 bass drum

1968 Ludwig in Silver Sparkle:

9x13 rack tom
16x16 floor tom
14x22 bass drum

I have various snare drums, including:

5.5x14 Gretsch 4160
4x14 Gretsch Round Badge in Silver Sparkle
6.5x14 Craviotto solid maple
6.5x14 Ludwig hammered bronze
5x14 Ludwig Supraphonic B/O badge
5.5x14 WFL Pioneer
5x14 Ludwig 1930s Universal

My cymbals are all by Istanbul Agop, including:

22" 30th Anniversary
20" 30th Anniversary
18" 30th Anniversary
14" 30th Anniversary Hihats
12" 30th Anniversary Hihats
23" Matt Chamberlain ride
21" Turk Jazz Ride
22.5" Epoch Ride
22" OM Ride
22" Fusion Ride
16" Signature Crash
14" Mel Lewis hihats
13" Mel Lewis hihats
12" Turk